Superbills Version 6.4

Version 6.4 Released April 4, 2024


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I just posted this slightly tweaked Superbills version 6.4 as a bridge until version 6.5 is ready to launch. Until then, I've removed all of the color options except blue.  If you need superbills in another color, just reach out to me and I'll make them for you at no cost.

The 6.5 version incorporates fixes to the background Javascript codes that have caused the Superbills not to work well or at all on iOS (Apple/Mac) devices.  It also has better flow and overall functionality.  I'm hoping to launch this new version by the end of April 2024 (fingers crossed!). 
NOTE:  All new versions are tested thoroughly but bugs are still possible.  If you run across any, please let me know right away and I'll fix it quickly!

Free Upgrades!

No matter when you purchased your LactForms, you're always eligible for free upgrades to the latest version.  This Shopify website automatically sends customers free update of every new version release but if your purchase was before 2022 when I switched to Shopify, feel free to reach out if you need updated versions of your previous purchase.