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LactForms are chartingsuperbills, and reporting forms designed by an experienced IBCLC for use by professional lactation consultants in any practice setting anywhere in the world.  Our comprehensive collection of over 25 forms gives your practice an instant infrastructure jumpstart for professional operational functionality.

Forms can be complicated.  My goal is to make LactForms as easy and straight-forward as possible.  The pages in this section should answer any questions that come up, but if not please let me know!


No Ongoing Costs

LactForms are a one-time purchase without any ongoing costs.  No subscription fees, no upgrade fees (see below), nothing to budget for, no other expenses to worry about.

Instant Download
Instant Download

With multiple format, header, and color options, LactForms are instantly available for download to your own device after purchase.  Very handy when you need them right now!

Easy to Use

Adobe PDF

LactForms are available as user-friendly PDF documents, with the temporary exception of the Doctor Report Template (currently a Word document but soon upgrading to PDF functionality).  

Free Upgrades

No matter when you purchased your LactForms, you're always eligible for free upgrades to the latest version.  I'm working on automating the system to send customers updates with each new version release but until that's in place feel free to reach out if you need updated versions of your previous purchase.

Two Format Options

All LactForms are available in both fillable and printable PDF formats (with the temporary exception of the doctor's report).

Learn more about format options

Three Header Options

All LactForms PDF documents are available with three header options at the same cost to meet your practice style. 

NOTE:  The charting forms currently don't offer the HeaderLogo option.  I'm working on adding it but let me know if you need it now.

Learn more about header options

Multiple Color Options

LactForms Superbills are currently offered in blue, grey, and pink designs, with green coming soon and more on the way.  The Charting forms will be upgraded with new color designs later this year.

Learn more about color options

Other Languages Coming Soon!

I've had many requests for translations of my forms into other languages so LCs can use them in more areas around the world.  I'm currently looking for LCs fluent in other languages since it takes an understanding of lactation terminology.  In return, I'm offering a complimentary complete set of my forms in the format you prefer, including a custom header.

I've had a great initial response to this call for translations, with these already underway:


Mandarin Simplified Chinese
Spanish (Latin American)
Spanish (European)

If you're lactation-fluent in any other language and might be interested in translating, let me know so we can discuss what's entailed!  

If you're interested in purchasing LactForms in another language, please let me know so I can reach out when they're ready for purchase.

New and Upgraded Forms Always in Development

I'm always thinking about additional forms and how to make my forms better.  I recently added the Covid Protocols Agreement and HIPAA Privacy Policy, both of which are available both individually and in the Charting Forms Package. Several new forms are currently under development (Prenatal forms, Rental Agreement, Model Release, and more), as well as significant upgrades to every form in the collection and upgrades are free!

Do you have an idea to improve our forms or a new form that's needed?  I'd love to hear your ideas

Personal Customer Support

As a small business owner working entirely from my home in northwestern New Jersey in the US, I'm readily available to help you with any questions, concerns, or difficulties you may run into.  Never hesitate to reach out.  I'm here for you!