LactForms Use Agreement

By purchase of LactForms products, you acknowledge that you have purchased copyrighted intellectual property from Diana West, IBCLC. You acknowledge that your purchase entitles you to the use of said material exclusively for your sole professional use. “Professional Use” is herein defined as using the material for the operation of a lactation consultation practice, with normal operations of that practice:

  • Forms to be completed by you, any legal members of your lactation consultation practice, and the practice’s clients; and
  • Forms completed and conveyed to members of the medical health care team for medical communication and inclusion in patient records.

By purchasing these forms, you acknowledge that you are bound by US and international copyright laws that prohibit representation of the copyrighted material as your own creation and intellectual property. The copyright notice must remain on all forms used within your practice. You MAY reproduce the forms in unlimited quantities and formats.  A copyright reproduction permission will be included in your package. You MAY NOT make changes to the forms or edit them in any way other than to add your name and business information in the top header sections.  Contact me directly if you need changes to the forms. 

By clicking the box at Checkout agreeing to the terms and conditions, you specifically agree that:

  • The copyright notice will remain on all forms used within your practice; 
  • You will not disseminate this copyrighted material to any parties not specified above; and
  • You will make no changes without written permission other than adding your name and business information to the top headers