Tech Specs

PDF Forms

PDF icon
All Lactforms are PDF format documents that you download and save on your own device.

Use with Free App

LactForms are designed for use in free PDF apps or programs on your computer or tablet (phone screens are usually too small).  To make sure they open in the right program, open the program first and then open the file.  The PDF app to use depends on your device:

Adobe Acrobat Reader Icon PC/Windows
Use the free Adobe Reader app (or Adobe Acrobat if you already own it) 
Adobe Fill&Sign Android Tablet
Use the free Adobe Fill&Sign app:  Google Play | Apple Store
PDF Expert logo Mac/iPad
Use the free PDF Expert app

Document Size

LactForms are designed in the United States 8.5"x11" (216mm x 280mm) format, but they're available in European A4 letter size of 8.26"x11.69"  (210mm x 297mm) upon request.

Header Size

If you're creating a header image to add to your forms with the HeaderBox header, the specs are:

• 1” (2.54cm) high x 6.5” (16.51cm) wide
• At least 600 dpi resolution (to avoid fussiness)
• Image format .png works well, but also

Don't have a header?

It’s truly easy to make one for free using Canva, Adobe Express, and other similar websites and apps or I can create one for you!


The ability to edit LactForms depends on the format you choose.  Fillable format forms have editable fields (the spaces to fill out information).  Printable format forms don't have any editable fields because they're meant to be printed out and used in hardcopy format.  Neither fillable nor printable format forms allow editing of the form itself.  But custom edits are possible upon request for a modest fee.

Any other tech specs you need to know?

Reach out!  I'm happy to help!