Header Options

NOTE:  The Superbills have the following header options and I'm working on converting the Charting Forms to include all three options, but currently they only have the HeaderBox and HeaderText.  HeaderLogo will be added soon.  Let me know if that's the option you prefer and I can send them manually. 


LactForm headers are the designated section at the top of the superbill that provide your contact and company information for your client.  After entering your information (text and/or image), your forms can then be saved with different filenames to create templates for ongoing use. 

All LactForms are available with three header options (purchased separately, but free to change upon request):

HeaderBox  HeaderLogo HeaderText
HeaderBox Sample
HeaderLogo Sample
HeaderText sample



Header section with a fillable box at the top of each form to add your own header image displaying your company information and branding:

HeaderBox sample

After adding your own header image, your form will look something like this:

HeaderBox Sample on Form


Header section at the top of each PDF form with fillable text and image fields to enter your contact information and upload your logo.  Depending on the PDF app or program used to read the superbill, you may be able to change the font and color of the text fields to match your company branding. 

HeaderLogo Sample

After adding your contact information and logo, the header will display on your forms like this:

HeaderLogo Sample Output


Header section with fillable text fields at the top of each PDF form.

HeaderText Sample

Depending on the Acrobat program used, you should be able to modify colors, fonts, and other elements to match your company branding.  After entering your information, the header will then display on your forms like this:

HeaderText Sample Output on Form

Header Design Services

Don't have your own header image?  For your convenience, I can create a custom header like the one below with your own logo and branding colors for a nominal fee. This option is a separate product that must be purchased in addition to the form(s) you select, but only one header design service is needed no matter how many forms are purchased.  

Sample Header Design

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