Header Options

    All LactForms are available with these two header options:


    The "HeaderFields" option includes a section with fillable fields at the top of each PDF form like this:  
    Header Fields Display Before Entering Info

    After entering your information, the form can then be saved with a different filename to create a template for ongoing use.  The header will then display on your forms like this:

    Header Fields Display After Entering Info


    The "HeaderBox" option includes a fillable box at the top of each form to add your own header image with your company information and branding, like this:

    Header Box Display Before Adding Image

    The box is sized to 6.5" (16.5cm) wide by 1" (2.5cm) high across the top of the page.  It automatically adjusts the size of the image to fit the box, but the image should be close to those dimensions. 

    After adding your image to the box, your forms will look like this:

    Header Box After Adding Image

    Header Design Services

    Don't have your own header image?  For your convenience, I can create a custom header like the one above with your own logo and branding colors for a nominal fee. This option is a separate product that must be purchased in addition to the form(s) you select, but only one header design service is needed no matter how many forms are purchased.  

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    LactForms Custom Header Sample