Format Options

    Our Charting and Superbill forms are PDF documents, both delivered electronically after purchase (with a downloadable link), available in two formats:


    LactForms Sample Fillable FormOur Fillable format forms feature functional, auto-calculating, fillable PDF files for paperless offices or emailing to clients to fill out electronically. They're designed for completion on a computer, tablet, or smartphone with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (Windows | Mac | iOS | Android) or Adobe Acrobat Fill & Sign (Windows and MaciOS |Android) apps.  No other software or programming are needed.  Just open it in the app and fill in the info.  Then save it and print as usual.  Very user-friendly.

    How to Use Our Fillable Forms


      LactForms Sample FormOur Printable format forms are electronic PDF files designed for use as hardcopy documents for easy printing and filling out (writing) on paper.  These electronic PDF documents can be emailed to clients (patients) to print and fill out before their consultation, or provided in person during the consultation.

      Some forms, like the Superbills and Care Plans, are ideal for printing on three-part carbonless forms (other companies that provide this service online can be found searching on “carbonless forms” or “NCR forms”). Three-part carbonless forms typically include a top white page and a middle yellow copy that can be given to the client, as well as a bottom pink copy for your files.  For your convenience, the intended recipient for each page color is noted at the bottom of the forms.  A copyright release for the professional printer is included with your purchase.