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    ​All the Charting Forms a Successful Lactation Practice Needs

    LactForms IntakeOur comprehensive collection of Clinical Charting Forms include 20 forms in PDF format, including multiple versions of the Consent, History, and Intake forms, useful anywhere in the world.  To meet your practice needs, they're each available individually or combined in a discounted package.

    Instant Download!

    Adobe PDF formatOur clinical charting forms are all instantly downloadable in PDF format so you can use them immediately.  No special software or programming is needed, just open the PDF file in the free Acrobat Reader and enter info in the highlighted fields (the highlight disappears when the file is saved).  Then save the PDF with a new filename and the info entered into the fields will be embedded into the form.  Very user-friendly.

    Color Design

    Version 5.0 premiers our color version (COMING SOON!!).  The colors can be customized to your branding colors for a nominal fee.  (If you purchase(d) an earlier version, I'll be happy to upgrade your charting forms to the current version at no cost, just let me know.)

    Two Format Options

    Our superbills are available in two formats, Fillable and Printable. The Fillable version features a functional, auto-calculating, fillable PDF for paperless offices or emailing to clients for filling out electronically. The Printable version is meant for old-school LCs who prefer to print forms and fill them out with a pen.  It reproduces sharply and cleanly and is perfect for three-part carbonless forms (white for insurance, yellow for client, pink for your client file).

    More info on our format options

    ​​Two Header Options

    LactForms superbills are also offered with two options for the header at the top of each form showing your practice information. For the same price, you can choose between a fillable box to insert a stylized header image (which can be developed for you if needed) or fillable fields if you prefer to enter your practice information directly in plain text format.

    Our Charting Forms Collection


    LactForms Intake


    Home Visit

    Office Visit

    Telehealth coming soon


    LactForms Consent


    US, insurance section (singleton) 

    US, insurance section (multiples)

    US, no insurance section (singleton)

    US, no insurance section (multiples)

    Non-US, no insurance section (singleton)

    Non-US, no insurance section (multiples)


    LactForms History Form

    History (two pages each)

    History (singleton)

    History (multiples) 


    LactForms HIPAA Privacy Notice

    HIPAA Privacy Notice




    LactForms COVID Policy Agreement

    COVID Policy Agreement


    LactForms Parent Assessment

    Parent Assessment


    LactForms Child Assessment

    Child Assessment


    LactForms Feeding Assessment

    Feeding Assessment


    LactForms Intervention Documentation

    Intervention Documentation


    LactForms Consultation Notes

    Consultation Notes


    LactForms Care Plan

    Care Plan 


    LactForms Referral Script

    Referral Pad