Not Working

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Lactforms are PDF format documents for downloading and saving on your own computer or tablet (phone screens are usually too small).

1) Using the right program/app for your device?

The first step to troubleshoot forms that aren't working is to make sure you're using them with the right program or app for your device:  

Adobe Acrobat Reader Icon PC/Windows and Mac
Use the free Adobe Reader app (or Adobe Acrobat if you already own it) 
Adobe Fill&Sign Android Tablet
Use the free Adobe Fill&Sign app:  Google Play | Apple Store
There's a temporary problem using our forms on iPads because Adobe changed some coding that broke our scripts.  We're working on a solution.  Please let me know if this problem is affecting you so I can let you know when it's fixed!

2) File opens in the wrong program or app?

If the PDF file is opening in the wrong program or app, you may have clicked on the filename to open it, which opens it in your device's default PDF reader program/app, which isn't the correct one listed above.)  Try opening the program or app first and THEN open the file directly inside it.   

3) Something else?

If that doesn't help or isn't the issue, please reach out telling me more about the issue and I'll be happy to help!