Required Header Information

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It’s good general practice to include the following contact and branding criteria in your header on all the forms used in a professional practice:

  1. Your professional name (which may be different than what your friends call you)
  2. Your earned credentials (BS, RN, IBCLC, etc.)
  3. Your professional phone number (can be your cell/mobile number)
  4. Your professional email address
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When using the header on Superbills for use in the US, the following information is additionally required for because insurance companies must have them to process your client's/patient's insurance claim. If they’re missing, the companies will call you each time to get the missing information and that gets old fast (speaking from experience, lol).  These are the essential information to include:

  1. National Provider Identifier (NPI) number (free, required for all professional health care providers and educators, and unique for each person).  To apply your unique NPI number, you’ll need to enter the right category code that best describes your professional credentials.  The following category codes are most commonly used by lactation consultants.  (IMPORTANT:  These are only the category codes, NOT actual NPI numbers.)   
  2. Tax ID number (use either of these two options)
    • Free Employer Identification Number (even if you don’t have employees), OR
    • Your personal Social Security Number (can be disguised by formatting it differently, like 99-9999999 instead of 999-99-9999)
  3. Full professional mailing address
    • If you don’t have an office and aren’t comfortable sharing your home address, you can use a US post office (PO) box (that you’ll need to check periodically), the address of a private mailbox service (may forward and be less expensive), or a virtual mailbox.

Other information like your company name, website, social media usernames, and fax number aren’t necessary for insurance companies to process claims but they’re good to include for your clients/patients/patients if space allows.