How to Add Your Header Image or Info to Your New LactForms

  1. After completing your LactForms purchase, you'll receive an email receipt with link(s) to download the form file(s) (let me know if you don't get the email or need the link(s) again)

  2. Click the link(s) to download the files (they'll be in zip — compressed —  format)

  3. Extract the zip file(s) with the default zip extractor on your device or a free reputable zip file extractor like 7-Zip

    Sample 7-Zip dialogue window
  4. Open each form in the free PDF viewing app or program required for your device. Using the correct program or app is required to edit the header even if you don't have the fillable format forms because the header section has fillable fields.  

    Adobe Acrobat Reader Icon PC/Windows
    Use the free Adobe Reader app (or Adobe Acrobat Pro if you already own it) 
    Adobe Fill&Sign Android Tablet
    Use the free Adobe Fill&Sign app Google Play | Apple Store
    PDF Expert logo Mac/iPad
    Use the free PDF Expert app


    To make sure the forms work correctly, they MUST be opened in the correct program or app. 

    Don't just click on the filename because that opens the file the default PDF program/app on your device, which might not be a program/app that reads the forms correctly. 

    Open the program/app FIRST and THEN open the file within the program/app.

    If you only have the printable format forms, you can use any PDF program/app (including browsers) after your header image or information has been added.

  5. On each form, click on the header image or text at the top to insert your header image or type in your practice information (see this page for the required header information).

  6. Save the form with a different filename so you'll always start with the version with your completed header.

  7. Let me know if you have any questions or difficulties — always happy to help!