Obtaining Forms After Purchase

    How to Get Your Forms After Completing Your Purchase

    1. After completing your purchase, an order confirmation page should come up with the download link(s).  In addition to your email order receipt, you'll also receive an email with the download link that will look something like this:
      LactForms Download Email
      Click the download link(s) and save the file(s) on your device or cloud service.

    2. Next, find the file on your device or cloud service and right click on the file name to see options to unzip. (If you're using a Mac, there might be another way to see the options.) 
      Unzipping downloaded files
      To unzip, click "Extract All" (or whatever's similar) to extract the file to the folder where you'll be using it.  If you don't see a way to unzip, you can download this safe, free program used widely around the world. 

    3. After the file is extracted and opened, the first thing to do is click on the header space to edit it with your contact information and/or images.  Then save the file with a different name and your form will always come up with the edited header in place. 

    After that, your form will be ready to go — email to clients or print it out for hardcopy use.  

    All LactForms fillable forms and superbills come with detailed instructions that should help with any questions but let me know if you need more details.  Always happy to help!